Press Release: Opportunity for All Coalition Statement on Motion for Summary Judgement Filed against City of Seattle Illegal Income Tax

Contact: John Murray, 202-821-2219 |

(Seattle, WA) – Statement from Matt McIlwain, founder of the Opportunity for All Coalition, which supports the primary legal challenge to the illegal and unnecessary Seattle income tax:

“The Seattle income tax is illegal and not in the city’s best interest. In enacting it, the Seattle City Council chose to ignore state law, nearly a century of legal precedent, ten statewide popular votes against similar ideas and the Washington State Constitution. In addition, Seattle is now wasting precious taxpayer money and time on litigation that could be better spent helping the people of this great city.

The move by Amazon to consider alternative locations for HQ2 has put an additional spotlight on this issue. While cities across the country roll out the red carpet for this innovative and rapidly growing company, Seattle’s City Council cannot even agree that a long-term strategy of partnering with Amazon and other growing business will continue to help the overwhelming majority of citizens in our community. Ironically, in the Puget Sound region’s own pitch for HQ2, they even highlight the lack of an income tax as a key reason to be here.

Today’s filing lays out in clear legal terms what’s already well known: the city passed an illegal tax and they have no sound legal argument to defend it. Instead, as supporters have admitted, this case is a trial balloon designed to try and force the issue beyond Seattle to the entire state. We’re confident that on November 17th the court will here our arguments and then reject Seattle’s attempt to ignore longstanding state law and decades of legal precedent.”


The Opportunity for All Coalition is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization whose mission is to support a legal challenge to the recently passed Seattle income tax.