Opportunity for All Coalition Applauds King County Superior Court Ruling Against Illegal Seattle Income Tax

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 22, 2017
Contact: John Murray, 202-821-2219 | john@opportunityforall.us

(Seattle, WA) – King County Superior Court Judge John Ruhl today granted summary judgment to the plaintiffs in the consolidated case, Kunath v. City of Seattle, striking down the Seattle income tax ordinance. Judge Ruhl announced his ruling just five days after the parties’ oral arguments in the case.

Matt McIlwain, founder of the Opportunity for All Coalition which is supporting the legal challenge to the income tax, released the following statement after Judge Ruhl’s ruling:

“Today’s ruling in King County Superior Court is a big win, but only another step along the way. We are pleased that Judge Ruhl found in our favor and agreed with the merits of our case. This tax is illegal, unnecessary, and unwanted.

We are happy to note that Seattle residents will, at least for the moment, not need to move to Bellevue to avoid this illegal tax, as the City’s lawyer suggested they could do at last Friday’s hearing. Our coalition expects this fight to go to our state’s appellate courts where advocates for a city and statewide income tax believe they will have a better outcome. This means more taxpayer money will be wasted in the hopes of changing 85 years of court rulings against their arguments.

We will continue to make our case that there is a better way – one that preserves and protects our city’s and state’s incredible economic ecosystems and creates opportunity for all.”


The Opportunity for All Coalition is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization whose mission is to support a legal challenge to the recently passed Seattle income tax.